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Your benefits with wellabe:

  • A health program tailored to your individual needs
  • Transparent depiction of your health data
  • Trustworthy online health consultation
  • Clear instructions for pursuing a sustainable lifestyle

Take these four steps now

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Your employer wants to create a healthier work environment and institute health check-ups at your workplace or at home

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Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive health screening in under 20 minutes, either on-site at work or by conducting the measurement at home

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After the check-up, you can benefit from an online health consultation or expert coaching sessions to evaluate your results

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Now your values are always accessible to you in the wellabe app. Start getting active with your individual program, lots of tips, challenges and partners.

Your health check-up at work

In less than 20 minutes, our check-up managers use a mobile laboratory to measure the 60 most important health parameters directly at your workplace.

With just a few drops of blood from your fingertip, we create a complete analysis of your most important metabolic values, including blood sugar.

We measure your cardiac activity while you comfortably lie on your back. Furthermore, we measure your blood pressure on the upper arms and ankles to reveal how well your overall cardiovascular system is working.

It only takes a few strong breaths to know how good your lung volume and function are – even compared to others your age.

Our smart analysis scale provides you with an objective self-image. It shows you all the values for the percentage of water, fat, muscles and bones in your body.

While you are in a resting position, we measure your heart rate variability, an indicator of your physical adaptability to stress.

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Your health check-up at home

This scale measures numerous body values such as weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone weight as well as BMI and calorie requirement.

Body analysis scale

By measuring blood pressure on the upper arm, you can check risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. The monitor shows the current value and the average of the last three measurements.


This blood test provides information about your cholesterol level, which affects your energy balance, metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Cholesterol Bluttest

Wir sind an deiner Seite: Virtuelle Beratung und Online-Coachings

Do you have any questions about the program and your health? Get answers during virtual counselling sessions with our doctors and online coaches, e.g., nutrition consultations. We are your partner for sustainable lifestyle change.


Your health at a glance – the wellabe app

You love convenience? So do we! The wellabe app not only stores the results of your check-up, explained to you in detail, it provides important information about your overall health status. And, of course, it also supplies you with your individual program to help you become healthier in the long term. What are you waiting for?

wellabe App

What participants love about wellabe

Carolin Steger

I really enjoyed the check-up. The atmosphere was great, and the staff members were really kind. The advantage of an on-site check-up is that there’s no need to make an appointment with a specialist – that was a huge timesaver for me.

Carolin Steger, Administrative Assistant

Markus Hinfurtner

I immediately registered for the wellabe check-up. Health is very important to me, so I think it's great when the employer offers something like this.

Markus Hinfurtner, HR Business Partner

Christian Wunderlich

I am now in my mid-30s and take a keen interest in my health values. This program sharpens your focus and provides insight into which values ​​you need to keep an eye on.

Christian Wunderlich, Customer Advisor