360° You.

Get to know your most important vital signs and put your health in your own hands.




Prevention in focus.

Today everyone can become more active, minimize health risks and lead a healthier and happier life. Many chronic diseases can be avoided. And your lifestyle habits and actions are decisive factors. The wellabe check-up helps you make better choices by providing your 60 most important vital parameters as well as individual prevention programs to improve your health.


Preventable Risk Factors

Four simple steps to a better health experience.


Your employer wants to create a healthier working environment and makes it possible to enjoy health check-ups at your workplace.


After successful registration, you receive comprehensive health screening on site in just 20 minutes.




Following the check-up, you can discuss all your health values ​​in detail with our doctor via video consultation.



From here on you always have your values ​​at hand in the wellabe app. Now it's up to you to become active with the aid of our tips, challenges and partners.


The wellabe check-up - your appointment with us.

Metabolic system

It’s just a little prick in the fingertip.

In exchange for a few drops of blood you receive a complete analysis of your most important metabolic parameters, including blood sugar.

Cardiovascular system

Get to the heart of the matter.

A combined blood pressure measurement on the upper arms and ankles shows you how well your cardiovascular system is working.

Respiratory system

Breathe with greater knowledge.

It only takes three to four strong breaths to reveal your lung volume and pulmonary function.

Body composition

Gain an objective self-image.

Our scale uses bioelectric impedance analysis to provide data ​​on the water-, fat-, muscle- and bone ratios in the body.


In a calm moment.

We measure your heart rate variability, which is an expression of your adaptability.

Metabolic system

The wellabe app - your health companion.

Your values ​​are available in the wellabe app immediately after the check-up and are explained to you in detail. You can also read articles tailored to your values ​​and participate in health challenges. wellabe accompanies you towards a healthier everyday life, every step of the way.

Your Benefits.

  • No additional effort required – no more going the doctor and sitting in the waiting room
  • Holistic check-up with 60 vital signs in just 20 minutes
  • Discussion of all your data ​​with a doctor via video consultation
  • Immediate availability of your data ​​and personalized prevention programs in the wellabe app

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wellabe Lab

My last check-up showed certain vital signs ​​were not that good, so I set out to improve them. I’m happy to say that I managed to do it.

- Carolin Steger, Administrative Assistant

It was very professional. I enjoyed the experience and I can definitely recommend it.

- Christian Wunderlich, Customer Advisor for Corporate Customers

I found the video chat with the doctor really good, very helpful and motivating. I’d do it again.

- René Bartelk, Sales Trainer Education

I was there for less than half an hour and got values for all parts of the body. In addition, there was a great consultation with the doctor. He really takes his time and goes through the individual values. I can only recommend it.

- Markus Hinfurtner, HR Business Partner DB

The overall concept is great. Keep it up!

- Andreas Werner, Works Council DB