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General Questions.

Health is our greatest asset and, as such, we should protect it. Regular check-ups and prevention play a major role in preventing illness. We offer this service directly at your workplace within just 20 minutes. Based on the results, you will receive concrete suggestions on how you can improve your health values.

Our check-up takes place in our mobile laboratory directly at your workplace and takes 20 minutes. First you get a little prick on your finger so we can take blood from you. Then you step onto our scales to get to know your body composition. We test your lung function by getting you to blow into a mouthpiece. At the end of the examination you take a seat on our couch and we measure your blood pressure on the upper arms and ankles.

You can then discuss your values ​​directly with a doctor via teleconsultation.

The check-up takes 20 minutes. The subsequent teleconsultation with our doctor can take up to 15 minutes.

The check-up is carried out by our trained staff, known as Check-up Managers. This may vary depending on the location.

You receive your values ​​directly in your app or by email in your mailbox. You will discuss them with our doctor after the check-up via teleconsultation.

In order to obtain the most reliable health values, you should not eat anything and only drink water at least three hours before the appointment. We measure blood pressure on the upper arms and above the ankles - when choosing your clothes please make sure that these places are accessible. Please arrive for your appointment on time so we can keep to the schedule set for you and your colleagues.

We look at blood count, blood pressure, body composition and lung function. Optionally, we also offer stress and mobility measurement.* In total, you get over 60 values ​​and good insight into your current health status.

* If it was booked by your employer

Health values ​​are collected using certified medical devices, which have been proven to deliver reliable results in extensive studies.

You can participate without the wellabe app. To do this, register for wellabe and pick an appointment of your choice on this website. You will then receive your results along with a short explanation in a PDF sent to your email address. In the app, however, you get more extensive classification of your values ​​and accompanying programs for improvement.

Only a small prick on the finger is necessary to draw blood. We only need a few drops for the test. It is not necessary to withdraw large amounts from the forearm. If it helps you, the blood can also be taken while lying down. If desired, the measurement of your metabolism can be omitted.

Your data is safe with us and will not be shared with third parties, or with your employer. Our data protection is TÜV audited.


Questions about registration.

You need a code to register or sign up. This code will be provided by the relevant contact person at your company. You can then log in with a username. Optionally, you can submit your email address.

If you registered with an email address, you can directly reset your password in the app or on the registration page in the desktop version. To do this, click on 'Forgot password' on the login page. We will then send you a link to reset your password to your registered email address.

If you registered without an email address, our support team will be happy to help you. You can reach them on 089-215470524 or by email at

You can find your ID in the app by clicking on the weekly schedule in the lower left and then on the gear icon in the upper right. Your ID is also included in every email you receive from wellabe. You can also view your ID by resetting your password. If you have registered without an email address, our support team will be happy to help you. You can reach them at 089-215470524 or by email at

No, you can use the ID from your last check-up. This remains valid and can be reused at any time.

If you have done several check-ups, you will see the development of your values ​​in the app. To do this, both check-ups must have been recorded under the same ID. If you have created different IDs for the check-ups, our support team can help you merge different IDs. You can reach them by phone at 089-215470524 or by email at


Yes, you can also use your Bodylabs ID from the last check-up for your new wellabe appointment.

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