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Our innovative use on-site check-ups, modern video consultation and digital prevention programs brings greater health to the workplace and, from there, to everyone at home.


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User Satisfaction


User surveys show that over 99% of participants in our program are satisfied with the check-up.


Health Expertise


You can rely on the health expertise we have gained over the years, the result of numerous check-ups at companies across various industries.

Data Protection

Data protection

Our data protection is TÜV-audited and conforms to the GDPR. Personal data never reaches the employer.

The overall concept is great. Keep it up!

- Andreas Werner, Works Council DB Vertrieb

I really enjoyed the check-up. The atmosphere was great and the staff members were really kind. The advantage of an on-site check-up is that there’s no need to make an appointment with a doctor - that was a huge time saver for me.

- Carolin Steger, Administrative Assistant

I immediately registered for the wellabe check-up. Health is very important to me, so I think it's great when the employer offers something like this. 

- Markus Hinfurtner, HR Business Partner DB

I am now in my mid-30s and take a keen interest in my health values. This program sharpens your focus and you can see which values ​​you need to keep an eye on.

- Christian Wunderlich, Customer Advisor for Corporate Customers

I think it's great that the check-ups are offered in-house as part of workplace health management. I hope it will be repeated.

- René Bartelk, Sales Trainer Education

The importance of prevention. 

Prevention increases the quality of life, reduces company absenteeism and helps to identify risk factors and diseases at an early stage. It starts before symptoms actually appear and can save lives as a result.

wellabe aims to give each participant more control over their own health. This provides everyone with an indication of their personal health values and also helps to properly understand them, making health accessible and understandable. The first step towards a healthier lifestyle is coming to grips with the current health status.

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