Putting people in touch with their health. 

wellabe enables people to properly understand their own health and to actively shape it in line with individualized recommendations made possible by health check-ups and transparent explanations of their vital signs.


Dr. Sebastian Dünnebeil
Founder & Managing Director

"A few years ago, I discovered that I knew very little about my own personal health and I wondered whether health really had to be so complicated and non-transparent. The answer is clearly 'no'. That's how the idea for wellabe came about. I wanted to make people's most important health values ​​accessible to them and show how closely these are related to their own behavior and, as a result, controllable."

Michael Theodossiou
Founder & Managing Director

"wellabe lets users actively shape their own health. And they share this desire to actively influence things with me and my colleagues. We all have very different strengths, but we’re united by our passion to shape things and drive wellabe forward during this exciting growth phase. Each and every one of us is working to change the exciting healthcare market. "

Our Team.

Dr. Helmer Duken
Senior Medical Advisor
Dr. Kurt Rack
Medical Advisor
Andreas Lahr
Head of Sales
Lukas Förster
Senior Account Executive
Benedikt Weilamann
Junior Account Executive
Stefan Sebastian Dietzel
Head of Marketing
Kathrin Eich
Senior PR- und Marketing Manager
Cäcilia Gantner
Working Student Marketing
Melanie Köppen
Entrepreneur in Residence
Ervin Hasko
Lead Data Scientist
Diana Rottenaicher
Working Student Data
Aurelia Schulte-Holierhoek
Product Management & HR
Dennis Bünte
Productmanager & Developer
Mina Bachtiari
Working Student Product
Tanja Spitzauer
Working Student Product
Noora Wedde
Intern Product
André Fedalto
Backend Developer/ Development Lead
Arthur Floriani
App/ Frontend Developer
Lucia Zhang
Chief Operating Officer
Alexander Kraus
Operations Manager
Alessandro Stolzmann
Working Student Operations
Angelina Lutz
Angelina Wolf
Check-up Manager
Bas van Zeijl
Check-up Manager
Julia Brockherde
Check-up Manager
Malte Kaps
Check-up Manager
Julia Bauer
Check-up Manager
Silvana Wolf
Check-up Manager

Press contact.

Journalists are welcome to contact Kathrin for press or interview inquiries, as well as for expert statements relating to prevention and health. She is available via email or by phone
on +49 89 215470526.

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What you can expect at wellabe.

  • Start-up spirit in a creative environment
  • The ability to take responsibility quickly
  • Free access to health check-ups
  • Free organic fruit, vegetables, coffee and drinks
  • Flexible working hours and home office

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